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The Internet Is Evolving At Lightning Speed

Websites and the technology that power them are constantly changing.

Unfortunately, the malicious attempts by hackers to take over your site are evolving too.  Once upon a time we thought that small mom&pop businesses and their websites were safe.  Because after all, what hacker would care to mess up a little site like yours when they could go after a big prize like the website?

But now we know that every website online is at risk because hackers don’t care about what your website looks like, they just care about the processing power your website has.  They will gain access into your site and break it by default when they use its online connectivity to steal data from users, mine cryptocurrency, and other malicious tasks.

So how do we prevent this from happening to us?

Monthly Maintenance

We specialize in website maintenance plans that ensure your site is being protected, served up fast, and continually updated every month

Wordpress Security

Websites are under threat of attack at all times.  Secure your reputation by ensuring your website stays protected 24/7 from online threats.

Daily Backups

An offsite backup of your site is taken every day and can be reinstalled to recover a potentially broken site or to roll back your site to a previous version.

Wordpress Updates

See WordPress Core files, Plugins, and Themes receive regular updating to ensure the latest security updates and functionality for your site.

Premium Hosting

Websites hosted with us receive a premium hosting package with lightning fast servers, server side caching, and no traffic limits.


Free SSL

All websites should have an SSL Certificate to protect your visitor’s data while they are on your site.  We provide one for free with our Premium Hosting.


Monthly Service Time

Each website care plan we offer comes with monthly development time that you can use to have content on your site updated or for other services.

Protecting Your Website
Protecting Your Brand

You can’t have your website be slow, steal your customer’s information, or tarnish your brand by directing people to malicious sites.  That’s why we need to remain proactive in protecting our sites from attacks in the first place, and having backup measures in place to restore your site in the event that anything does happen to it.  Please contact us today for details about our plans.


Monthly Maintenance and Protection Plans

Our plans can protect your existing WordPress websites as well as new ones.

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