Website Resources

Here is a list of helpful tools to get websites registered, built, and running smoothly.

Website Building

These are some of the best tools that I have found for building websites.  Soon I will also have a graphic tutorial that explains all of the parts of building a website in easy to understand terms.  But for now you can use your imagination as I explain it here.  Building a website is like building a home.  Keep in mind that you will need 4 main components to build/have a website.

1) Domain Name

This is like your postal address for your website.  Put simply, it is the that people will type in to get to your site.  There are dozens of sites that offer cheap domain names.  Some of them don’t offer very good services for managing your purchase of a domain name though which can be a huge headache.  So here are the two sites I think are best for domain names: – despite their odd commercials (ok, their commercials have definitely gotten better) Godaddy does excellent in the domain names department.  They make searching for, buying, and maintaining a domain name pretty easy.  They also boast that they are the world’s #1 domain name registrar.  I’m pretty sure that’s accurate. – this is another great company that I also recommend for full-on web hosting.  They let you get your domain name for free when you buy hosting with them and it makes managing all of that in one place very easy. – These guys are a little newer on the block, but they have grown in popularity recently as a first choice for registering domain names.  As a disclaimer, I have not bought a name through them yet, but they come highly recommended from other sites that I trust.  Judging by their website, they will continue to be a great source for domain name registration.

2) Web Hosting

This is like the lot of land that you will be building your website on.  The domain name is the address that points to your web hosted site.  But you need that land before you can build anything on it.  Because the two things, domains and web hosting, go so hand-in-hand, it is probably no surprise that the two places I recommend for web hosting are the same as for domains above.  Except this time, I give Bluehost a little bit of an edge in the hosting department.  Browse both of the sites and see what you think.

Liquid Web – These guys are rising stars in hosting.  In fact, I now host my own most important sites with them and their Managed WordPress offering!  They have U.S. data centers and are fully committed to providing the best Managed WordPress hosting plans.

WP Engine – Super powerful hosting specifically tuned for WordPress websites.  Helps take care of security and backups internally and is incredibly feature rich.  It costs a little more per month, but it’s worth every penny!  Click here to get a discount off of the “Personal Plan” designed for a single site signup. – Simple yet robust hosting options at a great price which I love.  I’ve been able to do amazing things with Bluehost! They are consistently ranked high in quality and in my opinion they have the best overall level of services and packages.

3) Framework

OK, so you have your address and you bought land…  now you need to build the frame of your house.  This is the bones of your website.  And I highly recommend WordPress as the core framework you build your site on!  For starters, it’s free.  Who doesn’t love that!?  And it offers a whole slew of features that not only make building a website/blog easy and fun, but that search engines like Google love, and that is really key to your websites success!

Find out more about WordPress here

4) Design

Lastly, after you’ve built your new home, you’ll need to paint it and make everything pretty for you and your guests.  If you’ve used WordPress to build your site then designing the look of your website is easy with a WordPress “Theme”.  The theme is what tells a website to look how it does.  There are many options for this.  You can buy themes, or find themes that are free depending on your taste.  And there are also themes that have flexibility and let you control how things look and operate.

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