The internet is evolving at lightning speed

Websites and the technology that power them are constantly improving.  Unfortunately, so are the malicious attempts by hackers to get into your site.  Once upon a time we thought that small mom&pop businesses and their websites were safe.  Because after all, what hacker would care to mess up a little site like that when they could go after a big prize like hacking into something the Target website?

But now we know that every website online is at risk because hackers don’t care about what your website looks like, they just care about the processing power your website has.  They will break into your site and then mess it up by default when they use it’s online connectivity to steal data from users, mine cryptocurrency, and other nefarious tasks.

So how do we prevent this from happening to us?


WordPress Maintenance and Protection Plans

Tools to help you secure your site on a monthly basis

We have created a suite of monthly maintenance plans that address all of these issues.  All of them include increased security measures to prevent attacks.  And each also comes with varying bonus services and monthly development time, depending on your company’s individual needs.

Protecting Your Website  =
Protecting Your Brand

You can’t have your website be slow, steal your customer’s information, or tarnish your brand by directing people to malicious sites.  That’s why we have to remain proactive in protecting our sites from attacks in the first place, and having backup measures in place to restore your site in the event that it does get hacked.  Please contact us today if you have any questions about our plans.


Monthly Maintenance and Protection Plans