Aaron Haslinger

Aaron Haslinger


I Started Primary Studios Back In 2001

It was when I filed my licenses to become a professional photographer in the state of Maryland.  Over the early years it served as both my business name and as my website to showcase my photography.  Many years ago I put an even stronger focus on my wedding photography and branded that simply as Aaron Haslinger Photography.  Those bits of information, services, and photography moved and can be found here at aaronhaslinger.com.

Throughout it all I have always designed and built my own websites, business cards, and other marketing materials.  It wasn’t long before other people began asking for my services to help them with their websites.  I love getting to use my photography skills and visual instincts to help other people create a strong presence online.

I’ve been a self-employed photographer, website designer, and jack-of-all-trades for a long time now.  But in 2014 I was blessed enough to add “Dad” to my job title!  So now I am officially a WFHD (work from home dad) who is lucky enough to spend lot’s of time with my son Benjamin when I’m not out doing photography or building a new website.

I hope you enjoy browsing some of my portfolio and the information I have available here, and if you’d like to drop me a note stop on over to the contact page and get in touch with me!